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Speed optimization service

Increase efficiency

Why optimize speed

It is widely known that speed is a ranking factor. Load time improvement positively affects SEO and user experience, resulting in an increase of traffic, customer satisfaction, sales, the goals you want to achieve.

How we improve performance

Quick version

1. Analysis

You send as a request, we analyze your website and come back with suggestions. We never send generic responses, so it might take time.

2. Preparations

Backup is the very first step we take. Safety of your data is a must. At this stage we also run speed tests, so we can compare them with later results.

3. Staging

Work is being done on the staging server first, then showed to you. Once you confirm everything works correctly, then and only then changes will be pushed to live.

4. Optimization: front-end

We get rid of useless requests & queries, decrease render time, speed up delivery of media and fonts. More info below.

5. Optimization: back-end

On websites built with WordPress, we also optimize database and ensure website uses all available server resources.

6. Completion

We re-run the tests to see how much page load, render and server response time has improved. The result is measurable: if improvement is insignificant, you get 100% refund.

We sped up more, than 200 websites

How we improve performance​

Long version



Web caching dramatically improves load time by speeding up generation time. 


Minification is removing any unnecessary characters, like comments, formatting, white space and new lines from the code.


Removing useless functions

There are always built-in but useless functions. Our job is to find all such functions and find a way how to safely remove them.

Duplicate requests

Making sure website won’t load the same request twice. 

Sort scripts

Ensure website loads resources only when needed. For instance, contact form scripts should be loading only on contact page.

jQuery Migrate

Most websites load jQuery Migrate library, but there’s no need for it for websites developed after 2013.

DNS prefetching

Used to speed up delivery of external resources such as Google Fonts, Analytics, social media codes, etc.


Removing useless fonts

Ensure website loads only fonts it utilizes. 

Font swap

Make browser to put text before fonts. 

Latin only

By default Google Fonts load support for Cyrillic, Vietnamese and Greek writing systems. You don’t need that.


Image compression

Compress all images losslessly. 

Lazy loading

Lazy loading is technique used by all major websites: Google. Facebook, Instagram. We make media resources to load only at the moment of need.

Video players

Video player scripts affect page size and render time, but there is a fix. 

Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare CDN is a universal solution: it works for eCommerce websites, blogs, online, digital publishers, etc and it comes with so many advantages:


CDN is a network of servers set up all around the world to provide content from the nearest location to users. We set up great free Cloudflare CDN. 


Cloudflare protects your website from DDoS and other malicious attacks. Consider it a free bonus.

Bandwidth savings

Serving content from Cloudflare’s network reduces the number of requests to your server, therefore minimizing bandwidth consumption.

And it's free. We will configure Cloudflare for your website if you don't use it already.


Clear and simple

If you prefer not to work with an external team, but need help speeding up your website, we can do performance analysis and provide recommendations to your specialists.


Don't have a website?

WordPress + Hella fast = beauty and performance

We can create a beautiful, fast and effective website for you.